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This absolutely IS a wonderful story. I’m so happy to hear that this journey of personal growth has been so satisfying for you. I know that the years have been challenging as you wandered about. Finding fulfillment using your talents and gifts to their fullest is just about as good as it gets.

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Thanks for making the world a better place. You are a revelation. A true Star. An inspirational Hero. Kudos (in shiploads).

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The idea of Freedom as a currency, wow! “Coins & everything and nothing”, “bounced around from one country to another”, “identity is an illusion”, “participation in a society isn’t”, the emotion generated by these thoughts and fixed in time by the words you’ve used seem to come from some deep space inside me, not from the screen of my phone at 5am, as I lie in my bunk in the Eipirian city of Preveza. Thanks for articulating/sharing some of your personal story, but not just the physical, the mechanics of your thoughts. The courage you had to sit at that table and help those that find they want to learn, this is inspirational. Thanks for sharing🙏

I’m curious to understand what the third box in your subscription plan implies? Founding member of what exactly? Thanks

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Thank you. This is a great story

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